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New feature in Custom Resource Name Plugin

Added one more feature to plugin. Imagine the following case:

ActionController::Routing::Routes.draw do |map|
  map.aliases :resources, :houses => 'casas'
  map.aliases :actions, :new => 'novo'

  map.resources :houses

See that all actions :new will be replaced by ‘novo’, but this does not fit properly in resource :casas, which would correct be ‘nova’ and not ‘novo’ (is just one example).

In this case we can use the option :actions_as in the resources, like this:

map.resources :houses, :actions_as => {:new => 'nova'}

Problem solved. In all other cases the action :new will be called ‘novo’, but only in the resource :casas it will be ‘nova’.

In addition we also have the option :as those who do the same thing with the name of the resource.

To understand how to install and use this plugin, click here.

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